SN Trading is a Swiss based international coal company. With offices based in Montreux and Geneva, we have technical experience in operating thermal and coking coal products from Russia, Ukraine, The Middle East and Asia.

SN Trading has strengthened its international supply chain through Eastern European partnerships. SN Trading will supply coal sourced from Kuzbass, Khakassia and Ukrainian coal basins over the next two to three years.

Our recent deals in The Middle East represent a key pillar of our new coal procurement and blending strategy which will deliver a competitive product set over the coming years for the power generation, industrial and heating system needs.

It is vital that we secure new and diverse sources of coal to meet our growing customer requirements reliably and economically. Our objective has always been to build a portfolio of coal supplies from both indigenous and international sources, and this agreement provides us with an excellent source of coal which will help significantly in driving forward our competitive advantage.

Where to find us:

Head Office : Grand Rue 3, 1820 Montreux - Switzerland
Representative Office : Rue de Hesse 7, 1204 Geneva - Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 963 39 53
Fax: +41 21 963 23 18