We offer our clients unlimited high quality products & top of the range services.

Our Values and Commitments :

  • We understand our clients better than anyone and are committed to their satisfaction, thanks to the experience that our traders have had for many years in Eastern European mining plants

  • We are committed to deliver top quality products and services to our customers, as many international laboratories can certify along with the signed long term contracts with our main customers

  • We have a standard approach to price transparency and Sales & Purchasing contract agreements

  • We have the capacity to deliver unbeatable value to customers, as SN Trading teams have the experience to work only with reliable customers Worldwide. Follow up and flexibility in every step of the transactions are one of the added values of SN Trading

  • We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction & professionalism to fulfill their needs. As a team, it is our goal to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations in order to grow together

  • Our customer relationship is part of our priorities as we insure to adapt to the market

We are organized as follows:

  • Montreux is our Head Office: Administrative and Corporate duties
  • Geneva is our Representative Office: Trade Finance, Operations & Logistics, Sales & Marketing
  • Kemerovo is our Russia branch: Trading & Supplying activities

Extension of Business

SN Trading has also other activities in its portfolio such as oil products, additives and fuel commodities to diversify its international foothold.