Coal power in Russia is one of the largest sources of energy in Russia, it has among the largest coal reserves in the world and is the sixth largest producer of coal.

For us, as we have signed supply contracts directly with the mines, it is important to mention that SN Trading provides / has technical expertise in Quality Monitoring / Management and Analysis Services to work with coal products in Kemerovo and in other Ukrainian basins.

Russia has the second largest coal reserve in the world, representing 19% of the world's total. The total coal reserves in Russia amount to 173 billion tons. This puts Russia behind the United States in total coal reserves, which has 263 billion tons. Most of Russia's coal reserves are in The Kuznetsk and Kansk-Achinsk basins.

It produced 323 million tons of coal in 2009, roughly 4% of the world's total production. The major areas of coal production are in Donbass, Moscow, Pechora, Kuznetsk, Kansk-Achinsk, Irkutsk and South Yakutsk basins. Over two-thirds of coal produced in Russia is used domestically.

In 2011, Russia produced 336.3 million tons of coal. This represented 4% growth compared to 2010 which totalled (323.3 million tons) and thus 2011 became the year of a record level in coal production in post-Soviet Russia. Some 90% of the output was provided by just 18 of the largest players in the industry, demonstrating the concentrated nature of the Russian coal mining business.

SN Trading’s Vision

As world energy demand continues to grow, coal will continue to play an important role in industrialising the world’s energy mix. Leveraging its innate expertise and relationships, SN Trading is in a prime position to work with its East European partners to provide better access to markets.

Through this core competence and via superior access to the midstream of transportation, blending and storage, SN Trading has unrivalled expertise in securing the optimum solutions for its customers and partners.

By focusing on growing our associations with rail, barge, shipping and port companies, SN Trading is on track to build a sophisticated logistics operation, truly delivering a global competitive advantage.